Capacity Planning

This planning is crucial for any team that needs to deliver an expected result against time. Careful planning allows us to provide realistic forward guidance without massive variance.

We achieve this by taking delivery history into account. It allows us to determine how much work a team can realistically do for the next sprint and allocate work accordingly to our team members based on their velocity per agile practices.

Sprint+ is a paradigm shift as we plan based on how much work the team members have successfully done in the past. It protects them from (un) realistic expectations from the business. It keeps planning realistic and manages business expectations.

Teams can settle into a more sustainable rhythm when we remove the perceived time pressures and increase transparency during planning. As we still need to complete the goals to satisfy business expectations, we allocate available work based to each individual based on the estimations for the groomed tickets.

It results in a realistically deliverable schedule that will not push the team to their respective breaking points to reach arbitrary dates or in line with shifting goalposts.

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Work list

Load remaining work items from the previous sprint

Load newly estimated work items from groomed backlog